Mini 2 - Allow Upward Gimbal Tilt Option Removed DJI Fly 1.8.0

Working on iOS with a Mini 2 it would seem that with the new DJI Fly 1.8 update the ability to select “Allow Upward Gimbal Tilt” has been removed.

This concerned me as I was worried if it would affect Litchi PANOs.

Is anybody able to comment on whether this update stops Litchi from being able to tilt the gimbal above 0° when shooting PANOs?

Having had a quick go PANOs don’t seem to work very well anymore.

PANO Auto 360° Test

A DJI Fly update should not affect Litchi.

When you are connected to your drone and running Litchi, go into the settings (gear icon) and make sure that " Gimbal Extension (+30°) is enabled.

I should add that you can see the gimbal pitch angle on the screen while Litchi is capturing the pano.


Excellent, thanks. I was concerned that it might not just be an App update but a firmware update that could inhibit what the drone can do.

Upward Gimbal fine her with all latest software