Mini 1: Panorama mode issue with newest release - no pitching downward

Hi, I just tried to shoot an automated panorama using the latest Litchi version 2.12.0 on iOS 15.3.1.
And a DJI Mavic Mini 1.

Strangely the camera and gimbal worked 80% normally, but it never actually pitched downwards to shoot a column. It simply shot the same image multiple times in the same row.

The hardware is fine. Using the control stick I can have the camera/gimbal look downwards.

It is just Litchi panorama mode which doesnt do this any longer.

This all worked fine the last time I tried this some weeks ago (same iOS).


Please try 2.12.1, the bug should be fixed

Most interesting. I had checked for any App updates in general today, but Litchi did not show up. I now specifically searched for Litchi in the App store and there was the Update to the .1 Version.
Yes, now it works again, thanks.