Max hight on take off/no gps

With Litchi, can I disable the altitude limit that is imposed by not having enough gps signal ?

It’s pretty annoying have to wait for enough satellites.

How long do you have to wait, and how much do you value your drone if something goes wrong and it doesn’t know where home is to come back to?

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No, Litchi cannot circumvent restrictions imposed by DJI.


It’s also very annoying to loose your drone. Unless you completely understand all of the risks, it is best to keep your drone on the ground until you receive the GPS notification “Home point updated. Please check it on the map.” message.

I’ve seen too many cases of pilots loosing their drone because they took off before having their home point set, without knowing the ramifications of doing so.


I was thinking about it last night and I think I can just tape over the sensors on the bottom. That will solve that pesky minimum hight thing too.

And confuses the IMU making your drone go out of control.

Keep us informed.

I found I post where someone said you could disable the sensors on a mini 1 with Litchi. They haven’t added that for the mini 2?

Vision Positioning System : Enables/disables the vision positioning system. Supported drones only.

All possible settings are described here: