Mavic won't fly beyond first waypoint!

Plotted a flight path in mission hub, but the Mavic properly flies only to the first waypoint and hovers; won’t advance to the next one.

Mavic 2 Pro, DJI controller, iPad mini in a large parking lot with no radio towers around. No other flight programs running on the iPad. Has worked before.

Share your mission so others can see what the problem might be.
In the Mission Hub, uncheck the ‘Private’ box for that mission then copy the link here.

Done, thanks for any clues you can provide.

Oops, the large flight plan with 35 waypoints is what I plan to fly, and prepared these two test paths… neither of which would go past the first waypoint… what’s wrong with them? Controller in the P mode.

@robert_Ross ,
2 things come to mind:

  1. The mission is surrounded by GeoZones (airports)

  2. Your waypoint altitude is set to 3 meters. There could be some vision system issues stopping it.

You say you have flown that same mission before with no problems? Or is this a new mission … and you have successfully flown other missions using that same equipment?

I can fly the Mavic manually in the parking lot (test flights) and at the large track without having to get LAANC or DJI approval.
Does Litchi provide a way to fly in those zones?

You may be able to fly manually, if you are flying as low as your altitude settings. But flying a mission (I think) does more of an airspace check. Dont quote me on that.

LAANC authorization is not done thru Litchi. If the area you wish to fly is geofenced, the authorization zone must be unlocked using DJI Fly. Unless that is done, Litchi will simply not let you fly a mission that is in or tries to enter a geofenced area. It will just stop at the invisible barrier in the sky.

For me it’s altitude, you can fly manually but not a mission :

Since I could fly manually without getting DJI authorization, I’d have thought Litchi would let the flight proceed…

I just did a LAANC check that said it’s uncontrolled

Since I could fly manually without getting DJI authorization, I’d have thought Litchi would let the flight proceed…
Perhaps the DJI Go app detects a geofenced area, which the Litchi app reads and refuses to fly… but why would Litchi fly from the launch point to the first waypoint? Crazy!

I just mapped a short mission (altitudes of 1m and 2m, dozen waypoints) and it flew with no problem.
I’m suspecting the geofence issue. Did you try to unlock it (or see if its necessary) using the DJI Go4 app?

That is correct. If DJI Go4 lets you fly, Litchi will also let you fly.

I’m curious, where is your launch/take-off location relative to WP1? Are you testing this by taking off right at WP1?

At a height of 10 feet or less and traveling at more than 30mph, your flight is extremely risky. Your drone’s height, as determined by barometric pressure, is not that precise. I’ve experienced flights where the height shown on the display is 10 feet off at mission completion.

As a test, set all waypoints to a height of 30 feet or more, then try the mission again.