Mavic Pro Camera Goes Haywire During Litchi Flight

With both my Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum flying 6-mile round trip Litchi waypoint missions over the past couple of days, I have encountered an identical camera anomaly which in both instances occurred during the last few minutes of those waypoint missions launched out over tropical rainforest.

The first portion of these two test flights was uneventful, but then all of a sudden the camera began to rock violently in the yaw and roll directions, while simultaneously Litchi’s audio announcements repeatedly intoned the warnings “Camera Stopped/ Camera Started”, while the camera view horizon tilted wildly.

At the very start of all my Litchi waypoint flights, I generally tilt the camera down to a minus-20 degrees downward attitude to maximize the ground view, while leaving just a narrow sliver of the horizon in view at the very top of the screen. In these two instances when the camera of both my Mavics took on a life of its own and proceeded to flail about, the camera tilted upwards until the horizon and sky filled more than 60% of my iPad’s Litchi camera view screen, while also rocking left and right in a most alarming manner.

Attempting to roll the camera back down to my preferred minus-20 degree tilt angle did not work while the camera danced about during those flights, because there was no response at all when I turned the wheel at the top left corner of the controller. The camera continued displaying abrupt and random movements most of the way home after I actuated RTH, with the effect tapering off a little as the drone approached within audible range.

My initial suspicion was that a simple SD memory card replacement might resolve the looney camera syndrome because I recently discovered that failure to re-format the SD card prior to each flight also disabled the camera-tilt thumb wheel, and disabled the record function. This is pure speculation on my part though, as is my conjecture that an SD card flaw is more probable than the odds that BOTH my Mavic Pro and Mavic Pro Platinum could develop identical in-flight camera failure symptoms within days of each other.

This mystery bothers me enough to post its description in this and one other forum, just in case any Litchi and/or Mavic Pro users have encountered such sudden departures from normal camera behavior during waypoint flights or even during manual drone flights. Any ideas that can be shared would be gratefully considered here, as I try and figure out what might be amiss.

Try calibrating the camera and visual sensors system.
It may clear any internal faults.

Thank you so much for this idea, Archer. I actually disabled the collision avoidance front and side cameras because I suspected they might have been false triggering during those Litchi flights, but doing that disabled ALL collision avoidance sensors including the landing sensors, resulting in a Mavic Pro that was extremely difficult to safely land.

I’ve seen videos on this sensor calibration process and will do so for both drones now. This may be the magic bullet I seek.