MAVIC PRO being identified as an Inspire 1?

Recently I purchased and installed Litchi to my tablet (android 10). When setting up, Litchi is discovering my MAVIC PRO Platinum as an INSPIRE 1. Does anyone or Litchi if you are reading this…have a fix for this?

Where did you find the name of the drone in litchi

There is/was no choice. It IDs my drone as an inspire 1 without any way to select a different model. Sure could use an answer to this Litchi…love the app, but can’t chance using it this way.

I will repeat my question. Where do you see the drone name inspire in litchi?

There is a popup right at startup. See image.

It’s a default message that comes up when Litchi has detected A drone.
Once you allow acces to the drone (you can see the drone is still disconnected from Litchi), Litchi will identify the correct model with all it’s relevant features.
You don’t have to worry about it.

That’s good news, thank you. I have proceeded past that popup and allowed it and yes, the functions on the drone do seem to be working properly, at least for the most part. My concern is something might go wrong with a preprogramed waypoint route… but we’ll give it a shot. Worse case, I’ll be buying a new drone. :slight_smile:

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Everything will work out just fine.

One piece of advice:
Keep your Mavic Pro because this model can fly true autonomous missions.
ALL newer drones, starting with the Mini-1, that use the DJI Fly App, use VSC (Virtual Stick Commands) to fly waypoint missions which doesn’t result in footage as smooth as with your drone, AND needs a constant and good quality connection between the drone and remote. Your drone can finish a waypoint mission even with the controller turned off.

Have a look at this topic:

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Interesting information. I am very familiar with the autonomous missions. I have a buddy that has a Mavic Pro (I have the Platinum) and we’ve used the Litchi app for over a year now to fly some surprising long missions (upwards of 7 miles round trip). My plan is to use it for tournament events and pre-planned missions and feeding the live flight into live broadcasts. Thank you for the heads up, the Mavic I have just became much more valuable to us based on how we plan on using it.

Oh, now it’s clear. I never saw this window, because I canceled the pop-ups on the first launch of the litchi. And the litchi interface does not write anywhere which drone is used. Just change the items in the “settings” menu.

What setting specifically are you referring to? Thank you for your help.

If you go to the “settings” menu, then items such as “obstacle avoidance” will be present or absent, depending on the drone that is connected. But the litchi drone name does not display

I am having the same problem with my Mavic Pro being misidentified as an Inspire 1 using a Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5g, Android 12, and Litchi which I purchased today. In addition, when I try and run the GPS calibration procedure under Settings | Aircraft | Calibrate Compass, it always fails. Even standing out in the middle of a field. I’m not convinced all is well.

FYI… I went ahead and chanced it and thankfully all went well on a 14 way point, 14,000 foot flight. I did however lost connection with the drone. The drone completed the flight without issue, and had control of the drone once returning to home, but lost video and flight information during the last 2/3rds of the flight including landing.