Mavic Air1 Low Battery RTH during waypoint mission

When Low Battery RTH is initiated is it normal for Litchi to display that the Mavic Air1 is requesting to RTH and ask to select OK or Cancel?

I was under the impression that the Mavic Air1 would automatically initiate RTH on low battery. What happens if you don’t select anything? Does the Mavic Air1 then initiate RTH automatically? What if I loose signal while the Mavic Air1 enters low battery RTH and I’m unable to see the request to select OK or Cancel?

When the battery is low, the drone will fly home without asking

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Just like in the DJI app this message is displayed to give you the opportunity to cancel RTH if you feel comfortable to do so.
verbal message: “The aircraft will fly to the homepoint in 8/10 seconds”

When you don’t reply within 8 or 10 seconds, RTH will be executed.

In the case of signal loss RTH will initiate because of signal loss or low battery, whichever comes first.


Thanks guys.

I’m fairly new to drones and I haven’t actually used DJI GO4 to fly the drone. I’ve been using Litchi from the start (It’s the main app that I’ve been interested in) and only use DJI GO4 for changing certain settings, so I didn’t know that the app asks before automatically initiating the low battery return to home.