Mavic Air y Mavic Mini

He utilizado Waypoints programados en la web para recorrerlos con el Mavic Air y el resultado ha sido maravilloso, sin ninguna duda. Es una plicacion muy versátil con los drones pequeños lo que les da muchas posibilidades impensables estas con las aplicaciones de DJI. El Mavic Mini,al igual que el Mavic Air funciona perfectamente y la única precaucion es no programarlos tiempo del que te ofrece la batería en vuelo, mejor con el Mini porque las baterías dan más tiempo de vuelo que las propias del Air. Estoy francamente muy contento con el resultado.

Es sorprendente que estés viendo más tiempo de vuelo con el Mavic Mini que con el Mavic Air. Es bueno saber que Litchi funciona bien para ti. Nunca uso DJI Go en absoluto y confío 100% en Litchi.

Brought to you by the magic of Google Translate. I only understand about 5 Spanish words in reality.

Así es, bajo las baterías al 15% y con las del Air vuelo unos 18 minutos y con las del Mini unos 25 aproximadamente, si no hay mucho viento. Litchi es simplemente fantástico.

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Esta es la primera vez que escucho que el Mavic Mini dura hasta 25 minutos con una sola carga de batería. Este es incluso mejor tiempo de vuelo que mi Mavic Pro 1. Ya estoy mirando Mavic Minis usados ​​en eBay, ja, ja.

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Decidí comprar un Mavic Mini, pero luego descubrí en el foro de RC Groups que el Mini no almacena los puntos de referencia de Litchi a bordo como el Mavic Pro 1, lo que significa que el Mini regresará a casa en el instante en que se pierda la conexión. con el controlador. Encontré esta discusión en este enlace

El post número 4130 habla de esta limitación que tiene el Mini.

Paxxa can you confirm whether or not the Mini 1 has the capability of storing GPS waypoints for Litchi flights on board, such that it can continue Litchi waypoint missions after the point at which connectivity is lost with the controller?

A writer at the RC groups forum says there is no memory on board a Mini 1 to store GPS waypoint data during Litchi flights, and that as a consequence the Mini 1 will revert to RTH the instant signal connectivity is interrupted. I’d be grateful if you could offer a second opinion on this question.

Speaking of second opinions, I am reminded of an old Rodney Dangerfield joke. " My shrink told me I’m crazy. I told him I want a second opinion. So he said I’ll tell you again, you’re crazy.!" With the day’s mandatory joke thus logged, I’ll be grateful for any thoughts you can offer on this question about the Mini 1’s behavior if signal is lost during Litchi waypoint missions.

You just helped prevent me from wasting money on a Mini 1, Paxxa. I had read about the Mini1 being subject to wind drift, but that longer flight time enticed me for a moment before your disclosure of the true facts snapped me back to rational thought. My hat is off to you sir, and I owe you a beer when next I’m in your neck of the woods.

I’ve been searching the net for such an extra capacity battery to fit a Mavic Pro !, but I haven’t spotted one yet. A while back there was one up for sale on eBay, but it was quickly either sold or the advert pulled. If you happen to have a link to the reinforced battery to which you refer, I’d be grateful if you could share it.’

Having up to 30 minutes of flight time on my Mavic Pro1 would be a dream come true for sure. I created so many Litchi flight plans that turned out to be just a little bit too long for the stock battery power to sustain. I’ve seen a few piggyback battery enhancement ideas for the Mavic Pro1, but by all accounts, the drone will still revert to low battery RTH when the stock battery runs down because the firmware doesn’t take into account the piggy-backed extra batteries.

Wow, that is utterly bonkers. For flying continuously without overheating for a distance of 17.3 kilometers or 10.7 miles, DJI’s drone motors have earned their reputation for durability. That is an astonishing feat for sure. What a leap of faith it must be to send one’s drone that far away.

The first online outfit that markets reliable, extended-range battery packs that are visually identical to stock DJI batteries for DJI’s older “obsolete” drones, stands to rake in a tidy profit selling such enhanced batteries to the millions of armchair aviators like me who still fly those early model drones.