Mavic Air Maximum time without RC signal to activate RTH procedure

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How long it takes without connecting to the RC to activate the Mavic Air’s RTH?

I’ve been without connection for almost 2 minutes and the drone continued its waypoint mission until it established contact again and finishes the misson near me.

A few seconds.


If you have the Aircraft Setting “Exit Waypoint Mission on Signal Loss” set to “Disabled”, the Mavic Air WILL continue the mission when signal is lost.

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Tks TriBar!!!

So if I disable the “Exit Waypoint Mission on Signal Loss” in theory I could set up a 15 minute mission taking off from point A and wait for the drone at point B without transmitting with the RC. Connecting the RC just to land the drone at point B?

That is correct for drones that employ on-board waypoint support such as the Air (1). Obviously, you will need to do the proper planning of the waypoint mission prior to executing it.

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Tks wesbarris!!!

I’m asking because I read in TriBar post that the drone interrupts the mission after a certain time.

“When this interruption takes too long (Signal lost), the mission is aborted and either ‘Return to Home’, ‘Hover’ or ‘Landing’ will initiate depending on the AIRCARFT Setting ‘Signal Lost Behavior’.”

The behavior depends on the drone. The original Mavic Air supports on-board waypoints. This means that at the beginning of the mission, the entire waypiont mission (up to 99 waypoints) are loaded into the drone. From that point, the drone is able to fly the entire mission autonomously. You could even turn your controller off and the drone will autonomously execute the waypoint mission that has been loaded into it. However, if you had set the “Signal loss” action to RTH, the drone would return to home instead of continuing the mission if the signal from the controller to the drone is lost.

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Understood!!! Tks a lot wesbarris!!! The information about the capacity of waypoint is the main point here!!!

Let’s fly!!!