Mavic Air 2 auxiliary bottom light

Hello. Is there a way to manually turn on the auxiliary bottom light on the Mavic Air 2, either during flight or during Mission Hub planning? I have the customizable button on the RC set to turn light off/on but it does not work when using Litchi.
Maybe if I paused the mission with the RTH button on the control? I have not tried that.
Thank you!

*I apologize if I’m not using search capability correctly, but I could not find anything doing a search.

You should normally be able to use the setting:

  • Bottom Light: Switches between Auto/On/Off for the bottom light when present.
    Help - Litchi

If it’s not working please let us know your Litchi version

We want to make it possible to turn them on/off using waypoint actions in a future update

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Hi, any updates on this? Is it possible to turn bottom light on/off using waypoints in latest iOS version 2.14.2 @vico ?