Mavic 3E support

Just wanted to ask if Litchi will be made for Mavic 3E series as DJI already released SDK for this model.

DroneDeploy is already under Beta. I can wait for litchi bate to be released!!!

Anyone at Litchi wants to chime in?

Drone Deploy’s app is already finished with Beta and available.

Any ETA on litchi’s support for Mavic 3E?, you guys gonna sell a whole bunch of apps when you release it…


Can’t wait, seeing DJI removed the Intelligent Flight Modes in the 3E/T.

This is a common DJI practice. Its same as in Phantom 4 RTK. You also don´t have all video capabilities of regular Mavic 3. They are forcing in this way customers to buy more drones. Regarding SDK I am afraid none of intelligent modes will become available from this. Simply because enterprise drones run on different app - Pilot 2.

5 months and still no official word on supporting the M3E?