MAVIC 3 for Litchi?

I realize SDK for Mavic 3 likely not out yet…any ideas or plans to add Mavic 3 to litchi?


Litchi will probably support it as soon as the SDK comes out.

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We have to wait for DJI to release the SDK

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is there a date when Litchi will be available for MAVIC 3 ?

DJI has not given an estimate for Mavic 3 support in the SDK

That’s a shame, I miss litchi :sleepy:

I wish that they would hurry up as my fiance is upset that I am not using this new, $5,000 drone that she bought me as much as my older ones. Had I known she was going to buy it I would have told her not to.

Gosh, I sure hope my 5K mavic 3 will fly litchi…it is collecting dust with the exception of wanting to fly long distance or film in apple pro res…automated flight like litchi give such good film and automated flight…I hope the SDK comes out instead of DJI trying to sell us a NEW mavic or new industrial drone with mission capabilities…

I think just like I stopped using DJI for heavy lift stuff on the S1000+ I have made my last DJI purchase. I found that mine was able to be returned until Friday so it goes back tomorrow. Been a good run but your a failure because apparently we are going to see a 3S this year and reading about the fly away’s and other “not finished features” I am done with DJI.

Even if the Mavic 3 was compatible, a waypoint mission can not continue when the controll signal gets interupted. Unlike older drones (that use DJI GO), drones build for the DJI Fly App are controlled by VSC.
Have a look at this topic:

Not only that, but also Waypoints on VSC are extremely jerky, to the point where they are unusable.

HOWEVER I can really hope DJI will make non-VSC waypoints.

There’s a lot to be said for those first-generation DJI drones that store all their waypoint GPS data onboard, and not in the controller as the newer drones do. That minor detail makes all the difference in the world when it comes to flying waypoint missions.

Old drones like the Phantom and Mavic Pro1 will faithfully track every waypoint long after that ominous Litchi audio warning “Disconnected!” is intoned, and Litchi will bring that drone home precisely 5 minutes prior to the moment when the estimated flight time elapses, for all flights of longer than 15 minutes duration.

This magical feat cannot be replicated with the newer DJI drones that use that Virtual Sticks protocol that has all the waypoint GPS data stored in the controller. The instant that drone to RC controller link is broken, RTH will kick in for all DJI’s newer drones.

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The SDK for Mavic 3 Enterprise are release now

Hello EL250a, according to Litchi, it can take a year or more from the time the SDK is released before we will see it in the Litchi app.

This is true. However, the SDK for the M3E is version 5. The SDK for previous DJI drones is version 4. SDK v5 is not compatible with SDK v4 meaning both SDKs cannot be used in the same piece of software.

Had DJI supported the M3E in SDK v4, Litchi would have to make “minimal” changes to their existing software to support the M3E, which would not require a long period of time. But, since software developers have to now use a totally different SDK, they will have to support the M3E with a totally new application. As a result, supporting the M3E will take much longer.

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