Mavic 2 Pro wants to face north when I ask it start a pano

Hi. I’m a Mavic 2 Pro user, and a new Litchi user, One of the drivers for me to get Litchi was its capability to take panos. I think I’ve worked out the settings part of panoramas, but when I press the screen to start taking the photos, the Mavic points to the north and then commences to snap away according to the loaded instructions. I’ve run out of ideas to remedy the situation.

Any advice on what I might be missing please?

Cheers, Tony

Can you post some screenshots.

Are you using PANO-Mode or Waypoint Actions in a waypoint mission?

Thanks for responding TriBar. I’m attempting to use Pano. I’ve got no experience using waypoints. Thought I’d start with experimenting with Pano first. I’m not entirely sure what screenshots you are after, so have included 1 here. (Apparently as a new user to this forum, I can only embed one item per post) Please note that this was taken with the drone on the ground. Not sure whether that makes any difference to what you’re looking for. Thanks again, Tony

Hi Tony,

I asume (from your story) Litchi starts panorama’s at due north, or where the camera is pointing at the moment you start the panorama.
You specified a width for your panorama of 96°, that’s not really a panorama.
You also specified 11 columns.
Most DJI drone cameras have a horizontal field of view of about 80°.
So in theory the drones rotates (96-80)/11=1.5° only for each picture, that’s why it seems to stay stationary pointing north.

A panorama should at least have a width of 180° and height of 90°.
A spherical panorama has a width of 360° and height of at least 105° (depending on the capabilities of the gimbal, most gimbals can tilt from -90° to +15°, check the specs of your drone).

You can learn/read all about panorama’s here:

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Thank you TriBar. I will take all of this into account tomorrow and try again.

Amigo una consulta, tu que tienes un Mavic 2 Pro y utilizas la aplicacion Litchi, me podrias ayudar, en indicar si con esta aplicacion se puede hacer alguna clase de Zoom con el Mavic 2 Pro.