Mavic 2 Pro Gimbal Vibration Problems

I purchased a Mavic 2 Pro off eBay in the last 2 weeks, specifically for purpose of being able to upload waypoint flights to the drone. Very pleased with the drone, it was spotless from cosmetic point of view, but I’m having problems with gimbal vibration whenever the camera moves horizontally left or right. I’ve searched everywhere, it does look like there were some Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom gimbal vibration issues from the factory. Problem is, I can’t narrow anything down and have not been able to find if there is a solution?

Looks like some people have changed gimbal’s, yaw motors, but have seen nothing that says it helped. Some have also talked about a loose ribbon cable to the gimbal motor, checking to see if anyone else has had similar problems before I start any tear downs or part replacements?

The drone flies great, video is beautiful when going straight or orbits, it’s simply a horizontal left/right, issue. I have updated firmware, but nothing else. Thanks in advance.

It sounds like a problem that will need DJI’s attention, not Litchi support.

No, not a Litchi issue, just thought I would check here and see if others have had the problem. Even on the DJI forums, doesn’t seem like anyone gets any resolution to the problem. Changing gimbal out seems easy enough, but trying to confirm that is the problem before I go that direction.

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Are you sure the gimbal is moving left and right? Normally a left to right movement is accomplished by yawing the drone while the camera points straight ahead relative to the drone. Are you able fly it at eye level and see this vibration while yawing the drone?

there is a way to calibrate them after a new motor or gimble work i had trouble with one bouncing in the wind and recalibrated the gimble with success Its fairly simple but requiers python and firmware tools downloads and the such you can find the process on U tube camera and gimble calibration

Wes, I may be calling tHis wrong, wanted to get some video and see if what you said was correct, but I can’t see it at eye level. Today, I did put drone in the air and have gotten the following error a few times, finally got a screenshot of it. I also uploaded video to YouTube, whatever it is, it’s gotten much worse and today when I started litchi mission, camera shot dropped on the left side to about a 30° angle. You’ll see the drop about 7 seconds into the video link, it does straighten out about 50 seconds in, and then just wobbles when the curved turn gets over say 30°. Appreciate the suggestions and any help! Carl.

I had a similar problem and finally I had dirt in the gimbal that I did not see but I blew gently with the air compressor and everything came back normal.

I had a simular problem with my Mavic Pro.
Product issue:
Gimbal Malfunction - Gimbal vibration/Gimbal self-check failure

I send it to DJI for repair. They send me a new/refurbished drone, it took less than a week and had to pay € 150.86.

Repair prices:

Request Repair Service Online:

DJI Service Quotation:

How long ago was that? I pulled the gimbal off the drone and lightly used air compressor to remove any dust or sand, but didn’t help. Still same problem and seems to be getting worse. I did get the eBay seller to compromise with me, gave me $200 refund to try and find solution to fix the problem.

Anybody else got a suggestion? I’m just wondering what part it might be, or if it’s the camera? Assuming it’s gimbal related since doesn’t happen except for turns.

If it doesn’t work with the air compressor, there’s a problem with the gimbal and as @TriBar said, from everything I’ve seen, it’s cheaper getting a quote & repair from DJI.

Thanks Patrick, yeah, I think y’all are correct, best to just send it to DJI and hope they can take care of. I read so many mixed opinions of DJI support, hard to know what the best option is, I guess still has to be better than taking chances on eBay. I feel a little better since Tribar posted successful outcome. Hopefully, that takes care of it.

I would take off the front top cover ( two tiny hex screws ) to check
for a loose ribbon cable connection first.
Swap the propellors around, it may be excess vibration that the gimbal is not happy with.

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I did take off top cover, remove the gimbal/camera and checked the ribbon cable. I did not think about propellers causing the problem, that is possibility, but I shipped it off now. Purely a guess, because I just don’t know, but I’m leaning towards the gimbal dampener and arm being the issue, as tribar image above shows.

I really thought someone had changed out gimbal/camera, because the drone itself still had the factory stickers and not even a scratch. It even still had the little silicone seal on those 2 screws for the top cover. I should’ve known something was up (maybe not). When the drone came with extra remote, 4 batteries, polar pro lenses and a bunch of other cheap accessories. It said used “once” on the eBay listing, but the batteries showed have been charged 12, 9, 12, 7 times each. I still thought, that’s not much airtime, but more than “once”. Since he gave me a partial refund, I will be thrilled to get the drone back in good working order and still be able to use Litchi.

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