Mapping Questions / Arial Mapping and Spot Check Data Collection

Hi there,

once again a mapping Question.

Currently I am mainly mappin forests. Using James Waypoit tool is a big help here. To work with the Data I’m using WebODM.

What I want to do now is to improve the Data just on some POI/Points in the Forest. The aim would be to have better Data at this specific Point to get a better 3D Cloud,DTM,DSM just there. Our German Forests are pretty even (about the same Height and Age of trees etc.) in spezific areas. So if I get good Data at one point, like a spot check, i can make pretty good and realistic assumptions on the other trees in the area.

I thoght about just making the grid, and afterwads put in some more waypoints along intresting areas by Hand to collect Data with another Gimbal angle (70-80°). Would you think this is going to work ? So putting two or three waypoints close to each other With the “panorama presets” from Litchie webapp and a Gimbal between 70 and 80° ? Or can you think of another good option to just get some better Data on some points of the area ? As mentioned Aim is to get better data for 3D Modell and DSM/DTM just at a few points of the grid because scaling up is easy in German Forests.