Map Tracking the drone movements

How can I keep the drone in the center of the google map while flying it? The map is not actively tracking the drones movements… and I need to track it manually

Need more info, @eran

Are you flying a Waypoint mission? Orbit? or just free flying?
A screenshot of what you see would certainly help us understand what you are experiencing.

What drone?
What device are you using with Litchi?

Free flying. Mavic 2.
Samsung s21.
The little map at the right used to track after the drone advanced.
Now it just stuck in place and the drone fly out of the map and I need to manually adjust the map to find him.

Imagine you are driving using waze or Google maps and the map is static and not keeping your car in the center and you keep losing your car on the screen because it crossing out of the map borders. It can be very difficult to navigate to your destination in this case…

Try Enabling ‘Map Auto Zoom’.

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