Map Pilot Pro missions to Litchi Converter

Hey guys,

I am currently doing my RePL in Australia (Remote Pilot Licence) and don’t have huge amounts of money to pay out for expensive point cloud collection software.

I came across Map Pilot Pro, which is awesome for creating missions. They’re actually quite amazing. I’ve ran a fair few missions on it with my Phantom 3 Standard.

I purchased Litche shortly after as I realised that Map Pilot Pro doesn’t support my DJI Mini SE (v1), and low and behold, magically Litche supports it - awesome.

Litche isn’t designed for mapping/photogrammetry. Not a problem. I realised how powerful Map Pilot Pro is vs its cost of $5 AUD per month for the mapping component.

So the next step was to see if I could export my missions from MPP and import them into Litche some how. MPP exports format MME. So after some interpretation of both the MME and Litche CSV files, I’ve created this tool, and it works magically.

I’ll release it shortly, still have some things to iron out.

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Wow, I just ran the test in Litchi - then processed the images in VirtualSurveyor terrain creator. Wow, it works. Yay.

and in Zephyr3D (wow! I need to make a more dense cloud point map though)

Almost ready :slight_smile:

Decided to completely restructure and rewrite - and not worry about usiing Map Pilot Pro files. I’m writing all the algorithms for the mapping etc from scratch, and it is working magic so far.

Can’t wait to get this ready and released, will be a great compliment to Litchi for those who wish to use Litchi to do cloud point mapping/surveying.

It’s starting to come along nicely. I’ve removed the need for Map Pilot Pro files, so I’ll create a new forum thread to adjust the direction of the project.

I use grid mission designer to Mission Hub then fly.

Hey mate, yeah I did look at grid mission designer, it just isn’t comprehensive enough for what I need, albeit is great for basic/general use :slight_smile:

This will also do oblique, asset management scans, spot scans, and reporting (eventually), i’m using it as a learning tool as well while I write, I learn more about the content of my course :slight_smile:

Will your program work on an Air 2S?

I have tried using this as well but the base map is so out of date.

Absolutely mate. And my implementation is going to have a resolve for the basemap issues too. If theres a section out of date, you’ll be able to fly over it, plot boundary points using photographs, bring them points back into my software, and set a mapping task using them points. Then we should be able to custom tile those sections with locally mapped images :slight_smile: this is going to be incredibly fun.

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Hey Trev, absolutely, provided Litchi works with your equipment, this will work with it. I’m also going to be looking at implementing the DJI apis into it eventually too.

Cant wait to give this a try, really like using the ancient land grid designer but the map data is old and the options limited so it becomes frustrating quickly.