Map Overlay & KML as a reference layer/map


since I have not found a way to do it here I am asking for your help.

How can I replace the default satellite view with a different one or a map (like OSM)?
How can I add as a reference layer a KML? In other words, I do not want to make waypoints out of KML, but rather to add them manually and have the KML only as a refference.
The KML represents a freeway that is building up and sattelite images do not have newer images. When I import the KML… there are like thousands of waypoints added, impossible to delete them because it slows down the editor that makes it impossible to use.

I know that I can go and do it in a different map… but it would have been much easier / faster if I could do it from within the mission hub.


Adding additional layers is not possible in Litchi’s Mission Hub. However, you can add either image overlays or other KML data in Google Earth Pro. Then, you can create a waypoint path in Google Earth Pro, export that as a KML file and import that into Litchi’s Mission Hub.