Manual heading on waypoint missions joystick sensitivity

I have been using litchi waypoints on my Mini 2. Since there is no, for now, smooth cinematographic usage when selecting «Waypoint Defined» heading mode, I tried to use «User controlled» mode and «Disabled» gimbal pitch mode to control the drone during the waypoint mission.
However, in this scenario, the joystick sensitivity is extremely high.
Not being able, in this situation, to choose the «cine» option on the remote control, it’s there any way to adjust the joystick sensitivity?
Isn’t this extreme sensitivity the cause of the lack of smoothness on «Waypoint Defined» heading mode?

Have you tried to adjust the max aircraft turning speed and aircraft heading smoothness in DJI Fly’s gimbal settings (for the RC normal mode)?

No I don’t…
Does this means that adjusting the settings in DJ Fly’s app they will remain in Litchi app?

Most drone related settings are saved in the drone’s memory and are therefore effective for any app

Thank you! I will give it a try.

Sorry, just one last question: changing these values will also affect the smoothness when selecting «Waypoint Defined» mode?

Yes it is a global setting

Gimbal settings do NOT effect aircraft behaviour !

I hope I’m not being too picky, but in what sense?

As I understand, advanced gimbal movement settings do not affect the behavior of the drone as a whole, but the drone movement is intrinsically linked to the yaw gimbal’s behavior. That is, I agree that the movement of the gimbal does not affect the movement of the drone, but the movement of the drone affects the movement of the gimbal.

Regardless of my possible language misinterpretation, what do you mean is that the camera erratic behavior will continue?

Gimbal settings only effect gimbal pitch.

Is this due to a technical limitation of the SDK or is it something that will be revised in the future?

Last I checked in the advanced gimbal controls of DJI Fly you can actually change the yaw settings which affect the drone yaw rather than the gimbal:

Vico, as you told me before, I change the Yaw Rotation Speed an Yaw Smoothness settings to the Normal Mode (as the picture you posted shows) and, as TriBar said, had no effect on manual drone yaw rotation when in waypoint mode (in FPV mode, of course yes).
I didn’t try to change the Sport Mode settings because I assume that the values used in waypoints are those of the Normal mode.
Can anyone clarify this issue?