Mac OSX and INTEL / Apple M1 compatibility

Noobie alert. I am the owner of a DJI Air 2S with smart controller. I have never used litchi but the description of its capabilities interest me very much. However if I have read correctly I need a Mac with an M1 chip and cannot use Litchi with my Intel i9 8 core mac book pro. Is this true? Can i install Litchi on my smart controller instead? I was looking forward to inputting waypoints on my computer for pre programmed flights. Tell me this is still possible and I will buy the app.

The Litchi app is compatible with the Smart Controller, you can find all info here:

The Litchi Hub (for setting up missions on a PC) is a web-based application. You can test it on your Mac by going to this web-page:

iPads with the M-chip/USB-C port seem to have problems with the Litchi app, not the Litchi Hub.

Very many thanks for your prompt and informative reply - extremely helpful.
So - I bought the app and visited the Litchi Hub which seems excellent. I have saved my first mission.
Now the problems start - I cannot seem to discover how to get the app onto my Smart Controller. I have selected install buttons but all I seem to get is ‘The app will be installed soon’ and so far ( a coule of hours later) it still has not been installed.
I have managed to install the app on a Galaxy Tab A but I really do not want to use that to control my drone. Any pointers in the right direction would be most helpful.

  1. So you installed the Amazon Appstore app on your Smart Controler, made an Amazon account, tapped the Litchi ‘Install’ button, and your Smart Cntroller is still connected to the internet ?
    (Steps 1 to 3 in the 1st link in my first post)

  2. You did exactly the same on your Galaxy Tab A ?

No, firstly I opened up the Lightning Browser on my Smart Controller. I then went to the Litchi web site and clicked (tapped) on the google play button. I then purchased the app from Google Play using PayPal (all receipted ok) and then hit Install. Nothing happened.
Later I went to my Galaxy Tab A and opened up the same Google Play, forund the Litchi app, downloaded it and installed it on my Tab with no extra payment (it was already registered in my name.
Meanwhile my Smart Controller still has not managed to download or install the app. I will try again tomorrow as it is bed time here in Bolivia.

You can download litchi from the direct link

Thanks @paxxa, Finally managed to download the app onto my Smart Controller and successfully installed it. However it now tells me that it will not run without Google Play services which is not supported by my device. Litchi is sitting there as an expensive brick. I am sure this does not happen to most people so what am I doing wrong?

You didn’t follow the instructions.

That’s why you have to buy the Amazon version, it doesn’t need Google Play services.

You’re trying to install it on a device that doesn’t support google play services, which is required, maybe worth giving this a read

Maybe you should ask litchi for a direct link to amazon apk.

@paxxa I bit the bullet and bought an Amazon copy of Litchi. I installed the other purchase on my Galaxy Tab A so I guess that I have not lost too much. I did comment on the Litchi facebook page but they deleted my post and have not tried to answer my concerns. I’m a bit disappointed about that.