Lost signal after 10 seconds of WPT fly - near pilot (DJI Mini 2)


I use the Litchi app for waypoints flights for almost two years witout any problems.
Equipment I use it’s DJI Mini 2.

The problem started a week ago when I took off a mission (all waypoints were in sight) and after 10 seconds I lost connection between drone and RC with a communicate on screen - “Mission Interrupted, no drone position update received for too long.”.
Now it’s happend always, even if I have a drone like 50-100 metres next to me without any obstacle and buildings. When it loses signal and message appears and drone automaticly implements RTH (which is understandable, that’s how it’s set). But after like max 3-5 sec it’s reconnects, I can stop RTH and continue all waypoints without any problems. The incident occurs only at the beginning of the flight and then does not occur - all work’s fine.

I checked this scenario with DJI Fly and it’s works fine - no problem.
But if I won’t to fly by myself (without waypoint) by Litchi - problem returns.

Maybe somebody got the same situation and know the solution?