Looking for Android 13 information

Good Day!

I am trying to find information about how well Litchi plays with Android 13, my current phone is the S23 Ultra (Samsung), and rolling back to a previous Android version is not an option.

I flay a Mini 2.

Thank you

Any information would be helpful

I believe I’ve seen some reports on here about some users having issues with the S23. I’m still on the S20 which works fine but I use my previous phone the S9 for flying the Drone. So if you still have your old phone I’d suggest you use that. Just a suggestion.

Any news/update for this?

Will the app work perfectly fine with Android 13?

It seems to work well, I have flown 1 mission with it and there were no problems, but win, weather, and work have kept me from doing more

Works well with my 22Ultra. No problems