Long exposure hyperlapse photo in Litchi

Before I jump into Litchi I have a question to ask.
In a waypoint mission to do hyperlapse photo with long exposure … say 1" exposure for each picture taken. Does litchi stops the drone while taking the photo ?

In a ‘Straight Lines’ waypoint mission, at each waypoint you can set a time in seconds for the drone to stop before and after taking a photo.
This does NOT apply while using ‘Photo Capture Interval’, in this case the drone will not stop at all.

But you can make 99 points every 1 meter and stop and take a photo for each

Is that only workaround for this problem ? Very tedious works I think.

Thanks anyway

It’s just done. Install wp1 and wp2. And then go to the settings, use the “+” button.

Is it possible also to pause the mission - change battery - and resume the mission where I left ?

Have a look at this topic:

Thanks a lot.
Hope that solves my problem.

Use ‘Batch Edit’ to add the same Actions to all waypoints.

To enter ‘Batch Edit’ in the Mission Hub, use “Ctrl-Left Mouse Button” to click on 2 random waypoints, a new menu appears on the bottom, click on ‘SELECT ALL’, add the Actions and click ‘APPLY’.

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Hi! Are you consider to add this functionality to app?
In my case - i want to make 2 orbiting hyperlapses around one object - one during the Day, second one at night and then stitch it in Adobe premiere. During the Day it’s nit a problem but without this function it’s impossible to do that at night :frowning: or am I wrong?

What is the difference between day and night.

Oooh, you mean time delay? But for hyperlapse, it is better to make the same conditions for shooting day and night.

During the day using interval option drone doesn’t stop to take each photo which is not a problem when shutter speed is about 1/500, but at night I need I.e. at least 2 sec of shutter speed.

You can put an interval photo in meters. And make the flight speed slower.

It’s not a solution. I need a perfect sharp photographs, which cannot be done using your idea.

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The drone will take photos at the shutter speed set in the settings. This requires low speed.

But for night shots, you need to take more waypoints.