Loitering and Wobbling during signal reduction to 75%

I’ve been flying my MA2 around a field and golf course near my house. I’ve found that when on a waypoint mission, if my controller signal dips to only 75% (basically anything short of 100) the drone will loiter and wobble at that waypoint. In this case, we’re talking about a 30m high flight at ~250m distance.

I fully understand that Litchi uses “virtual sticks” to control the drone into position. But I’m able to easily control it using the DJI app at the exact same point and the signal loss is nowhere near where I would expect to find automated control limits.

Any suggestions? I have no issues regaining control or terminating the mission, but it makes it difficult to complete reasonably sized missions without having to physically move to stay within Litchi’s range, but out of frame.