Log file - Picture file name?


Just trying a new photogrammetry program out and it has the option to import flight logs.

Ive got the csv from the phone but one thing the program needs the log file to have is the photo file name.

In the csv i can only see a “istakingphoto” column but no filename and way too many rows vs pictures taken.

Is this something thats possible?
Tie flight log to file?


That doesn’t make sense to me, but I’m curious what program this is.

The log file won’t have any photo or video file name. This is because the log file is for a flight. The flight may be used to take multiple photos, videos, or none at all. The flight log contains telemetry data about the flight.

Yes. That column tells you at what point in the flight a photo was taken.

You can tie a single row of data from the flight log to a photo (used the “istakingphoto” column). But that is all I can think of.

My question is, what is the information in the flight log that you want for a photo?

Its Reality Capture, new free 1.4.

Ive got 900 images of a church which all other programs are fine with.
Reality Capture only manages to align 19 photos.

In the flight log it needs the basics which it should be able to pull from the metadata, lat,lon, etc.
Not sure why its not. Was only hoping the flight log would give it a timeline.
The log sent to airdata from litchi only shows 8 photos, i assume this is because i used the 2 second interval auto mode.

While things like last/long and time are in the flight log, that information is also in the EXIF data of each photo. It’s unclear what information that software needs from a log file.

Those eight photos are probably just samples and don’t represent every photo taken.