Loaded missions missing

I have DJI Mavic 2 zoom, with both the regular and smart controller. I have Litchi on both IPad, IPhone and smart controller. I’ve been flying on both operating systems for a couple months now, and went to fly with smart controller today and all of my saved missions weren’t visible. I hooked up the iPhone and iPad and both show the missions. Any suggestions on how to get my missions to reload on smart controller ?

Make sure you are logged in to your Litchi account on your Smart Controller.

Hello Wes,

I’m logged in. I even signed out and back in, and still no luck.

I just realized I switched SD cards and might have removed some files off of the original card. I placed it back in controller and was able retrieve some of my older flights. Should I wipe the card completely and reconfigure? Any help would be appreciated.

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From time to time, Litchi’s records of all flights simply vanish for reasons that are not apparent. I was baffled when it happened the first time, but then with no action taken on my part, the entire listing of flights appeared again a few days later.

Sometimes, the user TOKEN, which is an alphanumeric string that appears midway down the lichi settings menu, vanishes and needs to be retyped in to restore Litchi functionality. If you didn’t get around to copying down that user token, Lichi’s customer support will promptly send that token to you on request. Re-enter the token on the Litchi settings page and order will be restored to the solar system, all else being equal.

I’m not seeing a location to contact Litchi customer support. All I see is the forum. Any suggestions on where I can find their customer support would be appreciated.

Your missions are saved with the application data on your device, not on a removable card. At least, this is true on IOS devices.

Try selecting Check and Sync License in the Litchi Settings.

Check and Sync License: Tap to synchronize your Litchi app’s paid license with your Litchi account. This will unlock additional features in Mission Hub.

I would like to thank everyone for their suggestions on this topic. Uninstall, and reinstall of the app corrected the problem. Stay safe!!