Load mission into the drone (autonomous flight)

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With drones that are flown with the DJI Go 4 app, e.g. Mavic Air (1) and Mavic Pro, there is the possibility of autonomous flight, i.e. NOT! with virtual sticks!

My question:
Are waypoint missions that I have created in the Mission Hub on the Mac/PC for such drones (Mavic Air, Mavic Pro) automatically loaded into the drone before take-off so that the mission is flown independently?
Or do you have to initiate the upload to the drone manually?

Many thanks for your feedback!

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Automatically Automatically

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You up - load the complete mission from the controller, when in Litchi app, to the drone
after it has established a home point in DJI go4 while hovering above launch point.

Turn off DJI go4 app.
Start Litchi app
Select mission and send to drone from Litchi app.
When loaded into drone, press start mission.

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Waypoint missions are NOT drone dependent.

When a mission is used with an older drone, it gets uploaded to the drone the moment you hit Start. When the upload is completed, the drone will take off and fly the mission.

When the same mission is used with a newer drone (VSC-drone), it’s controlled by VSC the moment you hit start and takes off immediately.

NO need for any other App than Litchi.

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