Load CSV from phone

I can create a mapping mission on a webpage and download it to the phone but litchi can’t load it from the phone.

That’s correct.
You have to use the Mission Hub to import CSV files.

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I mean I would be simpler if I could load them from the phone

I’m not sure why you would say that. The mission hub is designed for this. If you import your csv file to the mission hub, it will automatically be available to the Litchi app on your phone.

Mission hub is a pain on a small phone screen

That’s why you plan on a pc or laptop

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Yes, it would be. The Mission Hub is not designed to be used on a phone or tablet. It is designed to be used on a desktop computer or laptop.

Your original post suggests that the csv file that you are creating is coming from a PC. Instead of transferring it to your phone, import it to the Mission Hub.

I can can create a csv on the phone I can’t load it in litchi though without some pain

Why do people insist on doing things backwards, and struggling to understand
why things don’t work well ?
Where did the .csv file come from that you want to load from the phone ?
Just use the Mission Hub.

Okay, I’ll bring a laptop out in the field then

And why not take your laptop ? … I use a 10" Ipad.
Much larger screen than a phone.
and no hassle.

yeah I use a galaxy tab 7 FE (12.4"), cant be doing with phone screens

So now I need to buy a pad

This is getting too childish