Litchi with original Mavic Pro & Galaxy S22 Ultra

Hello to all, new to the forum. My Mavic Pro quit working with my phone when I upgraded to a Samsung S22 Ultra. As I understand, the DJI Fly app was not updated to support the S22. Does anyone know if Litchi supports the Mavic Pro & S22? Have not purchased Litchi yet, but would like some idea if it works before I do. Not interested in buying a new drone beings I did not have a ton of air time on the Mavic, and it was working perfectly when I upgraded to a new phone🤬. Appreciate any feedback!

I can confirm that the DJI Fly app works on the S22 Ultra with my Air 2S. I use an iPad Air with my Litchi app, so I dont have first hand knowledge about Litchi on the S22 Ultra.

Thanks for the reply Sam. I’ve heard that the Mavic Pro will work with the DJI 4 app and IOS, at least with the iPad Gen3 mini. Hopefully, someone from Litchi will respond as well. I’ve heard great things about Litchi.

Mavic pro never worked with dji fly app

Don’t recall mentioning DJI Fly app… Used DJI Go 4 app with my Mavic Pro & S7.

I think the confusion around the Fly app came from this statement.

There used to be a video feed bug on the S22 with Exynos processor (sold in Europe) with DJI Fly drones, not with DJI GO4 drones.

So you should be good to go.

When purchasing the litchi app from Play Store or Amazon, read the instructions concerning refunds.

Litchi works with my Mavic 3 Pro with S21 and S23