Litchi window disappears

Hi, just experiencing an unusual situation when Litchi shows “Downloading DJI data base”, once it reached 100% - the app disappears…if I activate the Litchi window again - it again starting “Downloading DJI database” and so on… Any kind of ideas guys ? Very frustrated…

What device are you using

Samsung A13, the interesting is that I used it for one week, then it started disappeared

How much free space has it got

There are plenty of space on the phone…

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Reinstall Litchi
I think it solves your problem

Hi, reinstall does not help, once it reaches 100%, it shows “cannot connect to DJI servers to verify the app. (The server may be busy or is not reachable”)

Check that all permissions are granted

All permissions are granted… big trouble…

Just to be clear, are you saying that Litchi had been working successfully for you and after about a week you began to see this message and Litchi closing (or crashing)?

The Litchi User Guide says this:

When starting the app for the first time after installation, you will need to be connected to Internet in order to register the app with DJI servers. Registration with DJI servers can be done without being connected to a DJI drone. The registration is done in the background, if the registration failed you will be notified with an error popup. Be aware that some Internet connections may have troubles connecting to DJI servers, in such a case make sure to try a different Internet connection (home wifi, mobile data connection, a friend’s connection, public wifi, etc).

You didn’t explicitly say but I have to assume you are connected to a network or are using cellular data while opening Litchi. If not, or ff you are using cellular (mobile) data, please try connecting to a good WiFi and start Litchi.

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