Litchi will not "keep connected" to my Mavic Pro

I have had my Mavic Pro for a couple of years but have not been flying for quite some time. Using Iphone 6 with the standard controller, the Mavic is set to “RC” … not WiFi. I have several “missions” saved and they seem to work OK when run from my home. However when I design a new mission on my computer (running Linux) everything seem fine. When I go to the location that is away from my home to run the mission the Litchi app will not connect to the Mavic Pro. Or … it might connect for a short time then disconnect. Today I created a new mission for a location a couple of miles from home and Litchi made connection, uploaded the mission and started the flight. shortly I got the message that it was no longer connected. Lucky, the mission completed and the Macvic returned home. I am stumped! Is it a an Iphone setting? Operator error or what? Sure could use some advise to solve the problem … Thanks in advance!

Could you explain what you mean by this?

Do you have DJI Go4 running in the background? If so, force stop it. If you do fly using Go4 instead of Litchi, do you get the same disconnections?

On the Mavic in the area of the SD card there is a switch for “RD … or … WiFi”.

I am not shure how to “force stop” the DJI Go4 app. Just tried the Go4 app and it stayed connected just fine.

On an iPhone, swipe up from the bottom of your screen. All apps suspended in the background will be displayed. Swipe right or left to find the Go4 app. Swipe up on Go4 to force close it.

I will try a different cable from the controller to the Iphone to see if this makes a difference … I will let you know

Well … the cable from the Iphone to the controller was changed and now it works as it should.

So … for others who might be having this type of problem you might want to check the cable and be sure it plugged all the way in at both ends

Thanks so much for your help … much appreciated