Litchi Waypoints and Altitudes

Question is, If I am standing on top of a 6 story building when I take off - is the altitude measured from the home point (I’m alerady 60+ feet in the air. If I set an altitude of 100 ft above ground using online elevation how high will my mini 3 pro fly? Just being careful here.

It is correct that Litchi sets waypoint altitudes as being above the launch point altitude unless the “Above Ground” box is checked for each waypoint, in which case the altitude above each successive waypoint is barometrically measured above the terrain’s altitude at that waypoint.

To be on the safe side I usually run all waypoint missions at a nominal 240 feet above each waypoint, to allow for cellphone towers which are the tallest structures in my rural area. On reviewing the footage after each flight, I can then run the same waypoint mission repeatedly, but with the altitude lowered by 20 feet each time, until the drone’s final altitude is around the 150 feet AGL that I find to be the ideal compromise between obstacle clearance and ground visibility.

There is a ton of cell towers on the particular roof. I plan to take off between them. None of them face inward. Thanks for your advice. I think staring at 250 is good for this one. Curious what will happen. No issues to date

That is incorrect!

When ‘Above Ground’ is checked:

-The difference in ground elevation at a certain waypoint compared to the ground elevation at WP1 will be added to the programmed altitude at that waypoint.

-The programmed altitude at WP1 is relative to the take off point.

When the ground elevation at WP3 is 50ft lower than the ground elevation at WP1, the drone will descent 50ft relative to WP1.

Assuming WP1 is above the take off point (A MUST when using ‘Above Ground’):
WP1: Programmed altitude 250ft
Altitude above ground = 250 + 60 (take off) = 310ft above ground.
WP3: Programmed altitude 200ft & ‘Above Ground’ checked.
Actual altitude = 200 + 60 = 260ft above ground
Actual altitude = 250(WP1) - 50 + 60 = 260ft above ground

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Holy Mackerel ! Thanks for correcting my erroneous interpretation of altitude settings in Litchi