Litchi Waypoint and Connectivity Issue

I have a problem with using waypoints in Litchi with my Mini 2. It gives me the error shown in the picture. I have tried everything I can think of to no avail. The remote is connected to the phone or tablet because I am able to fly the drone, it gives me this error when I load a waypoint mission and press play to start the mission itself. Has anyone experienced this?

It does that when your phone or tablet is running other apps in the background.
Taking up memory.
Not just drone related apps, can be Google earth, weather, maps, etc.
Close down, not just hide, all other apps, first.

I just got this error msg as I was trying Litchi and Waypoints for the first time. My issue was that I was in Sport mode and not Normal mode. I was in Sport as I had practiced interrupting the automated flight so I could see how the solution reacted.

I use the iOS version of Lichti on my new DJI Mini 2.

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