Litchi Vue stream very compressed with artefacts

Hi there,

I’m testing Litchi Vue for DJI drones with a Mini2. I’ve noticed the stream is very compressed with artefacts all over the image to the point that it’s unusable :frowning: . This is when running on a personal hotspot or the same local wifi (testing in the house). Both phones are running the latest versions of the Litchi apps and IOS. One phone is an iPhone 13 and the other is a X. I have tried the stream in both directions, i.e. from 13 to X and X to 13, but it has the same problem unfortunately.

Streaming to FB worked in a test with a perfectly clear image, so I think the streaming is okay apart from when sending to Vue.

Are there any settings that can be changed to try to help the problem or anything obvious I’m missing?



Litchi Vue has not been updated for latest drones yet which is why you are seeing these issues.


Ah - okay. Thank you. Do you know when this may happen?

Thanks for responding, and for developing such a great app!

We are working on fixing it in the next update.

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It is in beta testing now, if you would like to help us test it, email

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Wow, thank you. I have got the beta version so I will test and let you know. That’s very exciting

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You will also need to install the beta version of Litchi Vue which you can get at Join the Litchi Vue for DJI beta - TestFlight - Apple

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Hi @vico - thanks again for pushing this so quickly. Just to let you know, I managed to get out today and it worked perfectly. Very happy and almost no latency which is amazing!

I’m going to make a video demonstrating it as soon as the weather clears up in the UK, along with some of the other beta updates.

Thanks for your feedback!
Just a heads up, we will most likely release Litchi Vue on android as well soon. And we may remove the in-app purchase and make it included with the Litchi purchase, but we are still discussing that.

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Yes please! That would be great :slight_smile:

Hi Vico!

Got a house full of samsungs (phones + tabs) and currently a phantom 3, 4, mavic pro, mini and mini 2… Let us know if you would like a well rounded beta from us… :slight_smile: