Litchi vue on a android tv?


is there a way to get litchi vue app on a android tv, so my family can wacht it same time as i fly in the garden.

i been looking on the android tv google play version, but i cant find it.

i also been looking for a APK file but also can,t find it

im using a Xiaomi Mi Box S
could someone help me?

Litchi Vue is not built to run on a TV though it is maybe something we could look at if there is a lot of demand. Right now it will work on android/ios phones/tablets and macbooks with apple chip

You can get the apk from apkpure:

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thank you for the apk file. it work perfect on the tv with side load.


Hi there,
I can confirm it perfectly works. Nice to have the real-time video on a big screen. Now I have to find the mean to bring my tv with me when Iā€™m far from home :crazy_face:

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