Litchi Vue - how do I use it?

Need help on how to use Vue. I installed app on iPad, started
Litchi on IPhone. Looked for stream. Nothing. Both devices on same Wi-Fi network

Follow steps at Litchi Vue - Stream your drone's video feed to a nearby device - YouTube
Should work no problem between ipad and iphone that are connected to the same wifi network

I have the same problem! Followed all the steps as seen in the video… Also tried with both: wi-fi and hot spot. My iphone just doesn’t appear on the devices list when I open the app in my ipad (it just shows an empty list).

Help, please! There is no info on the internet!

Try to disable bluetooth. Please give us full setup details so we can try to understand why it’s not working.
However normally there is no need to do anything special for the discovery to work other than making sure both devices are on same network

One other reason it could fail to find other devices: check that you have given the local network permission to both Litchi and Litchi Vue. For Litchi you can check if it is enabled in the mobile device settings → Litchi. For Litchi Vue, try to reinstall the app and make sure you accept the local network permission

Dear developer, please tell me how you can use VUE with a Microsoft Surface tablet on Windows.
I installed the BlueStacks android emulator and Vue starts normally. But it is not possible to connect a video stream to it, because BlueStacks has its own internal wi-fi network.
Tell me if there is an android or ios emulator for Windows in which Vue will work.
Or maybe in the future you will make a version Vue for Windows tablets?