Litchi VR Mode (my first experience!)

For Litchi users that may wonder what the VR Mode is like and what kind of experience to expect from it, this short video highlights my first Litchi VR experience. Prior FPV experience helped me adjust quickly, but anyone with goggles that provide good vision can have a lot of FUN! Wearing the Goggles while the Drone runs it’s mission is also fun. (use spotters where needed)

Have you tried VR or FPV flying?
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Litchi VR Mode: Now were having Fun! :smiley:


I seem to have made an error in the poll construction, I apologize.

I fixed it for you. It should work now.

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Thanks again Wes, I appreciate all the help that you have given me!

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I should mention that due to the “Head Tracking” function, it is important to Keep Your Head Still unless there are specific gimbal movements that you are doing. The extra head movement definitely shows up in the video. However it is a really cool feature that lets you look up or down either for better awareness or for having more options with the camera.

A really good quality about the Litchi VR experience is the Stability of the flight. Being able to pause or fly really slow for closeups is much easier with a DJI than any standard FPV drone. An interesting observation concerning typical FPV versus GPS Stabilized drones is that “With FPV Racing style drones one of the hardest things to do is hold a perfect hover. With GPS drones it is one of the easiest things to do.” Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Litchi is not being used to do orbits in this video which is why it is easy to fly below the 5m minimum altitude limit without having to “unlock” the setting.

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@paxxa ,thanks for the creative touches! I definitely need to put more effort into making videos more interesting. I am thinking of doing a VR run over water and try to fly sideways while looking at the shore like in FPV. I am almost ready to try it with the Mini SE but I don’t want to try the Air 2S yet. It is hard to believe that you can buy 4 SE’s for the price of 1 Air 2S with an extra battery.

I recommend you to buy dji air 1. This will solve all your questions.

Pretty Cool!! The music definitely changes the mood and editing possibilities. I hope you had as much fun editing as I did flying and watching. Have a great day!

I did it using screen recording and powerdirector mobile version. It took me a little time :wink:

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Already restored thanks Steve

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