Litchi stops at every waypoint - Mini 2

Hi, there is a workaround to Litchi NOT stop at every waypoint in Straight mode?

I need to do photogammetry with a grid with a lots of waypoints because of the hilly terrain/overlap and those stops make the flight so much longer.

I tried: Grid with Virtual Litchi Mission; Grid Mission Planner and Curved mode too but it doesn’t take photos.
Maybe someone knows a way?

Drone: Mavic Mini 2
Flight Plan made in Virtual Litchi Mission:
Edit: forgot to mention the drone and flight plan

Over more than 2,500 miles of Litchi waypoint missions, I’ve never seen this behavior of stopping at the waypoints that you have described.

I own a Fimi X8 which has a rudimentary waypoint planning facility, and that drone stops and pauses at each waypoint, consuming vital battery power. Never seen a DJI drone do that same stop and go shuffle though.

In a straight lines mission the drone stops at each waypoint. The only way to not stop is to change it to a curved turnes mission, however actions will be ignored.
That’s why litchi has introduced the photo capture interval feature which can be set to either a certain distance or time.

In your mission 5 waypoints for each row would be more than enough to compensate for the slope in the terrain.
For the above ground feature to work properly waypoint 1 has be as close as possible to the take off location.

Interpolate needs 2 waypoints to work. For pointing the camera down to -90d at the start of the grid you have to insert a waypoint with interpolate -90d BEFORE the waypoint that marks the start of the grid and only the first 2 waypoints have to be set to interpolate.

Examine this modified mission


Understood! Very helpful information, thank you.