Litchi sometimes shuts down

Litchi will shut down and say “would you like to restart the app” i click yes and fortunately it does restart and reconnect. It has done this twice out of maybe 30 flights. To me once is too many. Especially if it happens at the wrong time and does not re-connect for some reason. Seems like it has to do with the connection. I have noticed if i start Litchi on its’ own without connecting to my drone it will do the shutdown after awhile…is there a setting somewhere keep alive no matter what or is it my tablet?

Yes, this problem began to appear after the new updates.

is there a remedy for this?

I don’t know. But I also recently had such a thing that the drone flew off to carry out a mission, and litchi closed

If on Android, you could try clearing the cache and/or data.
Go to ‘Settings’ → ‘Apps’ → ‘Litchi’

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I will try That TriBar
BPA the 2nd time i used Litchi I had the video feed but the telemetry around the outside froze. I looked at my battery level said 50% i flew some more and it said 50% , then a few seconds later i realized something was wrong and i brought my drone back. When it landed had 1 blinking LED. I was flying over a swamp if my drone had gone down it would have been lost. I will try what TriBar suggested. I really like Litchi…right now it’s glithchi

What drone were you flying when that incident happened, what were your auto RTH settings

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I launched the mission while the drone was still on my arm. He took off and flew to the first waypoint, at which point the litchi closed on the phone. I had to urgently press the buttons. This has never happened before.

Is there something going on with the web site today Saturday March 14th. when I try to go to the mission hub in both Firefox and Chrome I get just a white page. It was working fine yesterday, created and flew three missions, today I cant load the mission hub. HELP!

I was just able to log onto Mission Hub and open an existing plan. No problems here.

Thank you George for the speedy reply. I figured it out, it is my Malware Bytes plug in for both Firefox and Chrome that was the problem. Turn it off for the Litchi page and everything returns to normal. Now if I could only find the Litchi facebook page again to update my post there.

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I would like to report I did what Tbar recommended and deleted the Litchi cache. I also have been shutting down all other apps from within apps on my tablet, like DJI go 4, solitaire, messaging, music…etc. I also slid the slider button over under data usage to unrestricted data usage. Litchi has not shut down once