Litchi removed from TestFlight and Litchi app not workong

Hello, I received a notification that there was an update to Litchi but when I go to TestFlight it say litchi has been removed and there is no update available to download. Tried opening the app on iOS and it’s not working. What could cause this. I don’t get to fly to often but like to use Litchi for it features.

The iOS Beta version of litchi does not work anymore.
So if you are a Beta tester, opt out of it and download/install the normal iOS version.

Purchase Litchi for iOS if you have not already done so, then send a proof of purchase (receipt email from Apple) along with the email you would like to join the beta with to and we will add you to the beta. Please avoid sending us an @hotmail email as hotmail seems to have issues receiving invitation emails from Apple’s Testflight beta software.

Contact us again if you would like to be removed from the beta.