Litchi pilot with mini3with waypoin points

been out this morning running litchi pilot on waypoint missions with mini 3
1 mission was 12 minutes but breaks this up into 5 minute segments,
is this normal and is there anyway round this as i would like the full mission
thanks dave.

If you are referring to the video being broken into segments, it is unavoidable. The video has a maximum size limit.
You can use post-processing and add all of the video segments consecutively into a timeline and they will play as one large video.

Thnx for asking here. Video recording? Then it’s chaptering. A phenomenon all action cams does in order to prevent corrupt footage if recordings are interrupted. U might find it beneficial to learn about this online with any decent internet search engine. Search for example “DJI GoPro chaptering” voilá :grin:

Thank you for your informative replys so there is no way round apart from using video editing thank you all .
regards dave

With “Shutter Encoder” you can merge the video files without editing them.

That’s a fairy tale GoPro made up.

The real reason is the 4GB file limitation of the FAT32 system.

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thank you for reccomending

thanks for recomending this software works perfectly
regards dave.

They’re using exfat and yes there’s a need of being backward compatible. Exfat filesystem doesn’t recognize file limitations in size. It’s an industry standard accepted along all whatsoever action cam vendors. They’re all using CHAPTERING. OK? :joy:

You can call it “chaptering” if you want. However, the real reason is the 4GB limit of the FAT32 file system. The 4GB limit is built into the software. Therefore, even if you use an exFAT-formatted card, the 4GB limit still exists. Chaptering is a term coined by the GoPro people.


You Sir are of course entitled to believe whatsoever. Btw sincerely thnx for litchi utilities dot com.
However all action camera vendors including DJI adopts to industry standard chaptering as described thoroughly above. Besides that imagine importing a footage of 56GB data in a single file for post production on mobile devices, or PC Windows or Apple macOS etc etc etc.
Last but not least, my whole family believe in Santa Claus (it’s weird I know) but that’s okay IMO. Good luck and good night Sir ma’am.

Whether or not you can imagine that is irrelevant, isn’t it?

  • Android uses the ext4 file system which has a maximum file size of 16TB.
  • IOS uses the APFS file system which has a maximum file size of 8EB (exabyte).
  • Windows uses the NTFS file system which has a maximum file size of roughly 8PB (petabyte).

The devices themselves have no practical limit. While one can question using a phone to process files that large, those who regularly work with “big data” work with files that are significantly larger than 4GB.

However, the question that started this discussion was “Why are the video files automatically split into 4GB segments”. The answer to that question is because the DJI software is continuing to support the 1990s FAT32 file system which has a 4GB file size limit. It is not because of GoPro’s “Chaptering” invention. With the ever-increasing capacities of SD cards, FAT32 will eventually fade away. At that point, larger video segments will be allowed. When that happens, it will be because of a technical reason, not because someone decided that GoPro’s “Chaptering” should no longer apply.

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I’ve got files shot with my insta360 One X2 that are in excess of 8GB, so it is possible its just that DJI haven’t come into the 21st Century