Litchi Pilot Smart Return to Home-what does it do?

The latest build of Litchi Pilot (312) has a drone setting to enable Smart Return to Home. Does Smart Return to Home act like DJI’s Return to home? Or does it do something more complex? What are its actions?

  • Smart Return to Home: Enables/disables the Smart Return-To-Home (RTH) feature. When it is enabled, aircraft will request to go home when remaining battery is only enough for completing the go-home action.

Same as original Litchi app: Help - Litchi

Most if not all DJI drones have that feature, it is not specific to Litchi

OK. I see that the trigger for activating the feature in Litchi is the same as DJI. But DJI’s RTH for my mini 3 pro is fairly basic–It elevates the drone to a preset height, and then returns to home in a straight line. DJI has a more advanced RTH for some of its drones that can retrace a route home, etc. I wondered if Litchi Pilot’s “Smart” RTH incorporated some of the same magic.

The Smart RTH feature is not what you are referring to.
That is called something else like Advanced RTH, but these days I think DJI’s drones that have obstacle avoidance do that by default, but I could be wrong!