Litchi Pilot Release Date (Month/Quarter?)

Sorry if I have placed this in the incorrect topic. Waiting for the release for the Pilot App to use with the M3P and wondering does anyone know when this App might be released? Thanks

When it is ready & not before I would hope, and a lot of it is down to DJI getting the SDK sorted properly to work with modern Android systems

Thanks Martin, I agree. I ask as I know DJI has already released the SDK for the M3P and the Beta Program is underway (I’m not involved).

The trouble is Carlos the original version of the MSDK 5.0 that DJI released was written for Android 10 or 11 as this is the version of Android that the DJI RC Pro OS is based around, however they are still trying to sort a version of MSDK 5 that works with modern Android devices and operating systems