Litchi pilot not connecting

I have the mini 3 pro with the rc screen, i bought a rc n1 and use a Samsung a21s. I can get djifly to work but not litchi or litchi pilot, what am i doing wrong???

The original Litchi app is NOT compatible with the Mini 3.
FORCE CLOSE DJI Fly before running Litchi Pilot.

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Many thanks your reply, don’t understand force close

go into settings on your phone/device go to the apps menu, scroll down to DJI fly, click on it then click on force close

Not got on my phone!!!

Yes you do.
It’s one of the three buttons on the bottom of the screen:
“Open”, “Uninstall”, “Force stop”.

Yes i found it, but no joy. It still wont connect to mini 3 pro

What is “It” ?
Litchi or Litchi Pilot ?

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I can’t get either of them connect, I log out of DJI on my RC screen and force stop DJI FLY, but my RC N1 won’t connect to Litchi or Litchi Pilot, it will connect to DJI FLY

  1. As I wrote before: Only Litchi Pilot is compatible with the Mini 3.

  2. Don’t log out of DJI Fly on your DJI RC, No need to force stop DJI Fly on your DJI RC.

  3. Connect your A21s to the DJI RC-N1 and turn all 3 devices ON (AC, RC & A21s).

  4. On your A21s make sure you are logged in with DJI Fly.

  5. On your A21s Force Stop/Close DJI Fly.

  6. On your A21s start/run Litchi Pilot.

Ok, many thanks, i does connect but keeps dropping out. I read this will happen with mini 3 pro whilst in beta status, so i guess I’ll wait for a while until its out of beta.

It should not ‘drop out’, the connection should be stable. If the connection is unstable it could be because DJI Fly is still running in the background and you did not force stop it?

Worth checking that the dji fly app is properly closed prior to connecting to LP. I’ve been there. I’ve connected to the LP with my MP3. Good Luck