Litchi Pilot Build 129, issue with external monitor on RC Pro

With newest Beta Version 129, i tested an exteral monitor (mini HDMI) and i can see the exact reflection of the RC Pro screen (with DJI M3T), but i think, it will be better to see a view of the visual or IR Camera on the external view and only the Mission on the RC Pro. I prefer this for roe fawn rescue because the auxiliary persons only need the IR view.
kind regards, Peter
I think, the problem could be solved when in Litchi is implement my earlier problems, concerning the missing parameter configuration. In DJI Pilot 2, there is a menu to configure the HDMI from screen mirroring or camera view. So i’m waiting for Litchi’s updated configuration menu.

We can’t change this setting with current DJI SDK version, but we did request to DJI to add it

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