Litchi Pilot Beta 142

Equipment DJI-M3T, DJI RC-PRO
Since i’m testing my DJI M3T for “roe fawn rescue”, i’m still missing the possiblility to assign actions to the programmable buttons. I wrote this in earlier postes (earlier than Versions 135). When flying a mission, i like to have on button:
“C1” → “hold/go-on” Mission
“C2” → “Set a POI”
Till today, i cant find the possibility to assign these and other actions to the buttons. I know, the SDK from DJI is often not so friendly for your programming-Team and therefore my question today, is it still not possible to have this opportunity?
Greetings from Swwitzerland

Yes it is possible and will be added at a later stage

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Now we are already at the beginning of February and several “Build-updates” doesn’t helped. I’m pleased to test this opportunity before start of “roe fawn rescue” in May, otherwise i have some problems to help.
greetings Peter

Version Build 286
Still missing and in two weeks, we start with fawn-rescue. It’s absolutly necessary to config buttons on RC-PRO, otherwise i could not use the equipment equitable.