Litchi on Quest 2

Would love to have Litchi working on Oculus Quest 2 for FPV with tracking and motion control. Would be a great replacement for DJI Googles which doesn’t support Air 2 and Air 2S drones.

Downvote. I did a flight using Quest2 and DJI app air played to the headset.

  1. the headset has issues tracking outside, and its possible the sun can damage goggles if it hits it just right.
  2. your hands would be switching between the two devices.
    3 Apps can crash and it would be a long time to reopen.

You still can do something kinda nice with airplay or teamview, but keep your phone handy.
Sorry, the goggles just are not ready for this.

Litchi Vue runs on the Oculus Quest 2, so you can stream the video feed + telemetry. You will need to use SideQuest to install the apk

Download the Litchi Vue APK here
How to install the APK with Sidequest
How to stream with Litchi Vue

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Right, Oculus Quest 2 does not work properly outside even if the sun is shadowed. The hand tracking is lost and no way to define a guardian area. But there is working solutions. You have to find ND filters available by DJI. I personally use another filter but this is the same. The only precaution to take is being sure that this filter properly filter also infrared light. The remote or hand tracking are performed by using the for cameras located on the front side of the quest. The most sensitive to sunlight are the 2 located on tops of the quest. Try first to reduce light on these 2. Usually this is sufficient for normal outside light. If the sun is very strong do the same on all the cameras. I experiment this with my mavic air 2 and AIRLINK loaded with Sidequest. This works fine and quest works so well than inside. Please do not use the latest version of AIRLINK with is bugged but this one : airscreen-2-1-1.apk. About the risk to destroy something many thinks wrong are on the net. The main risk is to let the sun directly enter inside the quest on the main lenses. The focused light on the display behind the lenses could burn it and destroy it. This is not difficult to avoid. and this won’t happen is seconds. This is true if you do that during several minutes. This is my experience issue from 30 years in optical devices.

I am so trying this right now!