Litchi>OBS Livestreaming

Have been using OBS - Open Broadcast System - for many years, but only recently gained the skill to livestream Litchi with reasonable performance. Just starting to investigate and test the partnership of the two; however, here are some initial observations on the potential:

  • An RTMP server is necessary to marry Litchi to OBS, but MonaTiny (see this post) is a lightweight, stupid-simple, Windows solution, that can also contribute additional functions to OBS apart from Litchi.

  • Relaying a live RTMP drone-stream through OBS may provide a more stable and persistent Facebook, YouTube or Twitch program.
    ** i.e., OBS keeps the broadcast - and recording - alive, while Litchi recovers from signal disruptons and battery-changes.

  • Livestream Events produced by OBS now have the option of drone features or cameos.

  • Split-window streaming from multiple drones and/or PIP?

My perspective is from small enterprise (school district), DIY inclined, IT and media support. Anyone else with Litchi>OBS experience, ideas or questions? Will likely add more to the above list while editing is open.