Litchi Not Running on iOS 12.5

Since the last Update Nov 2023, Litchi is not Running anymore on my iPad mini 2 with iOS 12.5
Can i download the last Running Version somewhere? Or has my iPad changier into Electric waste?

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Are you referring to a Litchi update in November 2023 or a DJI firmware update released the same month?

litchi doesn’t run on my ipad mini 2 either.

我的 iPad 蘋果平板 也無法再 air2 使用 litchi程式 會一職閃退 換我今天去考試無人機 掉鍊子
有付費變成無法使用 用手機使用規劃任務 整個塗再一起 根本看不清楚

Should be fixed in 2.15.3?