Litchi not controlling gimbal

Most of my Litchi flights usually contain a “disconnected” message somewhere along the course of the flights.
Sometimes for several minutes at a time.
I have learned not to panic anymore.

I recently noticed that any programmed gimbal elevation movements during that disconnected time do not function.

Why is it that Litchi does not control the gimbal, considering the entire flight program is resident in
the drone memory ?
Mavic Pro 2

The reason that mission requests to alter the gimbal pitch angle during the course of a mission do not occur during a disconnected segment is that they are commanded in real time directly from the Litchi app. This is different from GPS/Waypoint positions and headings which are loaded into the drone (Mavic 2 Pro). As a result, during a disconnect, the drone will continue to fly through the positions of the mission, however, any speed changes or gimbal pitch changes will not be sent to the drone.

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Yes it is unfortunate that these attributes cannot also be installed into the drone
mission program by Litchi to make it a fully autonomous flight.